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Terms of Use
###Terms of Use 1) Purpose of use The key content of the service: Community is an internet platform available at the URL https://community.engagement-global.de, which people can use to connect, discuss, organise or to communicate through messaging, wikis and other means. As the Operator of the platform, we strive to ensure the smooth operation of the platform, but we do not guarantee such operation. For example, disruptions to the system availability may occur at times due to maintenance work or other impacts. 2) Operator and users These Terms of Use shall apply between the Operator – Engagement Global – and the registered users – people who register in the Community. These Terms of Use may be amended. You will find the current version of these Terms of Use, as amended, which you can read and print at the URL https://engglobal.humhub.com/legal/page/view?pageKey=terms. Please read these Terms of Use carefully, as they contain important information, mutual rights and obligations. 3) User names Each user must register with their first name and surname. In the Community, it is generally not permitted to register for more than one user account, to register for a user account in the name of another person, to register for a user account in the name of a group or legal person, or to pretend to be someone else; users are also not permitted to disseminate false information about themselves or other persons. We reserve the right to refuse user names that are unlawful, offensive, discriminatory, pornographic, which glorify violence or are in any other way not consistent with the following Terms of Use and that could harming the reputation of the Community or its cooperation partners in public. 4) Rights and obligations of the user a) Users of the Community are responsible for their activities across the entire platform. The personal password to activate and use the user account must be kept secret from third parties under all circumstances. If you have reason to assume that a third party has become aware of your password, you are obliged to change it immediately (you can change your password in your personal Profile section). b) User activities that are designed to obstruct the functionality of the platform or to render the portal non-functional are prohibited and subject to civil liability and criminal prosecution. Also prohibited in particular are measures that may affect the physical and logical structure of the portal. You may not use the Community for commercial purposes. It is prohibited, among other things, to advertise by sending unsolicited content to recipients (spamming). c) Users of the Community undertake to comply with copyright. Users may publish only content and comments on the Community that do not infringe the rights of others (especially copyright and ancillary copyright). d) Furthermore, all users of the Community are obliged to refrain from violating statutory provisions (applicable laws of the Federal Republic of Germany) through their content and activities. Among other things, the platform may not be used for unlawful purposes. It is also prohibited to publish, transmit or disseminate contents/comments that are unlawful, in particular if their content is offensive, discriminatory, pornographic, glorifies violence or has any other content that violates public decency. This also includes content that can be accessed via the links created by users. Furthermore, the use of indecent content, ambiguous descriptions and other representations with a presumably unlawful content are also prohibited, even if the unlawfulness of such content cannot be established beyond doubt. Prohibited activities and content are, for example: - content that is liable to corrupt youth, - any description or representation of violence against people or animals, - content that violates human dignity, - religious or politically extreme content, as well as racist, seditious or warmongering content, - games of chance, - obscene content, - the posting of photos and videos without the consent of the photographer and the persons depicted in them, - conspiring to commit criminal activities or terrorist acts. In a case of suspicious content or references, Engagement Global reserves the right to remove them without prior notification or explanation. f) Users exempt Engagement Global from any liability for all claims, including claims for damages, that other users or third parties assert based on an infringement of their rights by the content published by users in the Community. The user shall assume all reasonable costs incurred by the Operator due to an injury of the rights of third parties, including reasonable costs for their legal defence. These obligations of users do not apply if the relevant infringement of rights does not fall within the sphere of responsibility of the user. 5) Rights and obligations of the Operator a) Through the Community, Engagement Global merely provides a platform for users through which they can contact other users and third parties. To this end, Engagement Global provides technical applications that are generally suitable for making contact. The provision of these applications shall not give rise to any claims regarding the establishment of contacts, and the Community and its cooperation partners are not responsible for establishing contacts. b) Also excluded are claims for damages in the case of technical defects. Our technical administration strives to ensure the smooth operation of the platform, however, as already mentioned in connection with the security guidance, no guarantee to this effect is provided. c) Engagement Global does not perform any review of the publicly disseminated content and comments of users prior to their dissemination, transmission or publication. In the event of a violation of the Terms of Use or a justified suspicion of a violation by a user, we are authorised to exclude the person concerned and to delete, if necessary, the content used by or sent to this person without undue delay. In this case, the user will receive a caution subject to a notice period, unless the violation is of such a significant nature that we cannot be reasonably expected to tolerate their further use of the platform. 6) Closing your account You may delete your account (or have your account deleted) at any time without providing reasons. After the account is deactivated, the data of the user will be no longer retrievable. Due to the data held in the buffer memory (cache), the member’s data may still remain accessible for technical reasons for a short period after the account is deactivated. Engagement Global reserves the right to continue storing the data for the time being if necessary (for example to pursue claims for damages in the case of a violation). Please note: If you wish to have your account deleted, your data will be erased completely and irrevocably. Discussion comments, personal messages and other contributions remain available unless you erase them manually. The name of the author of the contribution will be deleted to show other users that the author of the contribution is no longer a member of the Community. 7) Liability We do not accept any liability for the content published by users. Furthermore, any liability for damage that results directly or indirectly from the use of the webpages is excluded. We, the Operator, are not responsible for the content of websites to which reference is made through external hyperlinks; we do not assume any guarantee or liability as to the reasonableness and legal compliance of such content. As the user, you exempt Engagement Global from and against all claims by third parties, which are asserted vis-à-vis the Community based on a violation of the aforementioned obligations and/or infringing actions of the users. Any liability of Engagement Global is, as far as legally possible, excluded (the German version of the Terms of Use is the legally binding version.) 8) Amendments to the Terms of Use Engagement Global reserves the right to amend these Terms of Use at any time without stating reasons. Registered users will be informed about the amendments. Unless users object to the amended version within two weeks after this information, the amended version is deemed to have been accepted.

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